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Featured U.S. School: University of Southern Indiana Intensive English Program

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The Intensive English Program (IEP) at the University of Southern Indiana offers a curriculum designed for students of all levels of English proficiency based on student needs and interests. As an IEP student, you will have the opportunity to learn side-by-side with students from all over the world in a quality English language program staffed with expert instructors.

• Small class sizes with one-on-one interaction and class time with instructors

• Specialized classes based on future major or interest, such as English for Academic Purposes, Business English, etc.

• Affordable and competitive costs

• Conditional admission to university upon IEP completion

• Individual academic advising for students & assistance with visa process

• TOEFL preparation

• Access to computing and library facilities at a comprehensive university.

• Extracurricular activities

• Friendly atmosphere and safe environment

Learn more about the University of Southern Indiana Intensive English Program


Take a Glimpse: Santa Fe University of Art and Design

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Santa Fe University of Art and Design is a four-year university located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

• Four year degrees in Arts Management, Contemporary Music, Creative Writing, Digital Arts, Film, Graphic Design, Performing Arts, Photography, and Studio Arts

• Intensive English Programs offered

• Campus averages 1,000 students per year, providing an intimate learning experience

• Santa Fe, NM is ranked as the #1 Artistic City in America by The Atlantic

• Affordable tuition and scholarships available

Learn more about Santa Fe University of Art and Design

International Student Voice:

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“My career goals are constantly evolving. The flexibility of the U.S. system allows you to adapt your courses to your potential career very well and your cultural background helps you see the other facets to the courses.”

Nivedita Rajan, from India, is a sophomore studying English and French Literature at the State University of New York at Geneseo.

Read more!

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5 International Student Tips: How is your English? Here are five simple questions to ask yourself.

  1. Can you understand English when watching TV, movies or listening to songs but have problems understanding native speakers?
  2. Do you have trouble understanding and using phrasal verbs and idioms naturally?
  3. Does your pronunciation and accent make you feel nervous about speaking English?
  4. Do you feel your vocabulary is too basic to express all your ideas?
  5. Can you read sophisticated texts but still write in a basic way?

Read more about learning and improving your English

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What’s up?! - American Slang and Idioms

Bae: Stands for “before anyone else” but has been adapted to be a romantic term of endearment such as “baby or “sweetie.”

“We’ve been dating for a couple months now. She’s my bae.

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