Absorb different cultures, traditions and customs while you study English with ELS Language Centers. Come into contact with a different way of life by actually living the American language and culture. Learn more about ELS Language Centers

The University of Colorado Denver is a fully accredited, highly respected academic and health sciences institution that welcomes international students from 130 countries. Learn more

“I chose to study in the USA because besides having one of the best education systems in the world, the U.S. has a very diverse population...” Read more

5 International Student Tips: Finding an Apartment in the USA

Decide where you want to live

Set a budget and start searching

Prepare your paperwork and make sure you understand financing

Read over your lease

Set up your apartment!

Read more about finding an apartment in the USA!

What’s up?! American Slang and Idioms

Cut corners: To take shortcuts and do something the easiest and quickest way often at the cost of quality.

“I can tell she cut corners in her research and didn’t spend the time to find better sources.”

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